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Regular Board Meeting
Woodside School, Room 39
3195 Woodside Road
Woodside, CA 94062


Preliminary Information

Board meetings are open to the public. Prior to any final action being taken on any topic or prior to moving to a new topic, members of the public are invited to address the Board on the topic under consideration. All open session meetings of the Governing Board of the Woodside Elementary School District are electronically recorded. Recordings are available for public review upon request to the Superintendent/Principal. The times listed herein for individual agenda items are approximations. If the meeting is running ahead of schedule, the Board President may elect, upon consultation with the Trustees, to proceed with an agenda item or defer it to later in the meeting closer to the published time.


(D) Discussion Item
(V) Can Vote
(C) Consent Item
I.  CALL TO ORDER AND ROLL CALL (2:00 p.m.)   
Unfold II.  CONVENE TO CLOSED SESSION (2:00 p.m.)   
a. Conference with Labor Negotiators: Superintendent Dr. Beth Polito and Chief Business Official Robin Wasco - Govt. Code 54954.5     
b. Personnel     
V.  FLAG SALUTE (3:32 p.m.)   
VI.  AMENDMENTS TO AGENDA (3:33 p.m.)   
VII.  OPEN FORUM (3:34 p.m.)   
Unfold VIII.  SPOTLIGHT (3:35 p.m.)   
a. Mandarin teacher Hui Liu and Spanish teacher Bjorn Wickstrom will highlight the foreign language program.     
Unfold IX.  COMMUNICATIONS (3:45 p.m.)   
a. Superintendent Dr. Beth Polito Comment     
b. Governing Board Comment     
c. Comment from Employee Groups     
d. Woodside School Student Council Comment     
e. Woodside School Foundation Comment     
f. Woodside School PTA Comment     
Unfold X.  CONSENT AGENDA (3:50 p.m.)   
a. Minutes from the Meeting of December 9, 2014      (C)  
b. December 2014 Warrants and Payroll      (C)  
c. December 2014 Financial Statement      (C)  
d. Williams Quarterly Report      (C)  
e. Annual Adjustment to Bid Threshold for Contracts Awarded to School Districts      (C)  
f. Annual Adjustment to Liability for Willful Pupil Misconduct      (C)  
g. Letter Asking for Repeal of Reserve Cap      (C)  
Unfold XI.  DISCUSSION - ACTION ITEMS (4:00 p.m.)   
a. Recess Supervision and Peer Helper Program      (D)  
  Steve Frank, Middle School Principal, and Dr. Katherine Peterson, Coordinator of Student Services, will report on recess supervision and the peer helper program.
b. Middle School Math Pathways (4:20 p.m.)      (D)  
  Dr. Beth Polito and Middle School Principal Steve Frank will report on middle school math courses.
c. Draft School Calendars 2015-2016 (4:40 p.m.)      (D)  
  Dr. Beth Polito will present proposed 2015-16 school year calendars for review and discussion.
d. 2013-2014 Audit Presentation (4:50 p.m.)      (V)  
  Chief Business Official Robin Wasco and CPA Sheldon Chavan, of Chavan & Associates, will present the 2013-2014 school year audit for approval.
e. Athletics Program Review (5:15 p.m.)      (D)  
  Middle School Principal Steve Frank and Athletic Directors Melissa Bowdoin and Kathy Jones will report on the K-8 after school athletic program.
f. 2014-2015 Board Policy Updates (5:30 p.m.)      (D)  
  Dr. Beth Polito and the Trustees will consider the first readings of updated policies for the 2014-15 school year. A policy checklist, guidesheet, and proposed Board policies are attached.
g. Appoint Citizens' Oversight Committee Members (5:40 p.m.)      (D)  
  The Trustees will appoint the members of the Citizens' Oversight Committee.
h. Facilities Master Plan Update (5:55 p.m.)     
  Dr. Beth Polito, Superintendent, and Mike Wassermann, Owner Representative, will provide an update on current and future work plans regarding the Facilities Master Plan.
a. Review of the Draft Implementation Plan
Unfold XII.  BOARD MEMBER REPORTS (6:30 p.m.)   
a. Budget Committee Liaison - Wendy Warren Roth     
b. DELAC Committee Liaison - Kevin Johnson     
c. Facilities Committee Liaisons - Rudy Driscoll and Claire Pollioni     
d. Foundation liaison - Wendy Warren Roth     
e. JCOP Committee Liaisons- Claire Pollioni and Wendy Warren Roth     
f. PTA Liaison - Claire Pollioni     
g. School Site Council Liaison - Marc Tarpenning     
h. Outreach Liaison - Kevin Johnson     
i. WSD/WTA Negotiations - Marc Tarpenning     
a. Board Governance Calendar     
  The Board governance calendar provides an overview of the agenda items for the entire school year, and the meeting at which they are tentatively scheduled to appear. The schedule may be modified and updated to reflect additional items which the Governing Board wishes to review.
XIV.  ADJOURN (6:45 p.m.)   



Board meetings are accessible to people with disabilities. Individuals who need special assistance or a disability related modification or accommodation (including auxiliary aids or services) to participate in this meeting; or who have a disability and wish to request an alternative format for the agenda, meeting notice, agenda packet or other writings that may be distributed at the meeting, should contact Robin Wasco, ADA Coordinator for the Woodside School District at least five (5) working days before the meeting at (650) 851-1571 ext 286 or by email at Notification in advance of the meeting will enable the District to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to this meeting and the materials related to it.

Government code section 54957.5 states that public records that relate to any item on the open session agenda for a regular board meeting are available for public inspection. Those records that are distributed less than 72 hours prior to the meeting are available for public inspection at the same time they are distributed to all members, or a majority of the members of the Board. The Board has designated the Woodside School District office at 3195 Woodside Road, Woodside, CA for the purpose of making those public records available for inspection.

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